Sometimes in VIGAR we have to do a reset, get a little philosophical and ask ourselves things like what we are, where we come from and where we are going. The second question we have very clear (who loses the origins loses the identity) and the third we prefer not to answer it because we will find it, it is more exciting that way.

But what are we? We are many things, it depends on who you ask. Some think we are quality. Others bet on the design. There are those who tell us that we are joy, tradition, we are home and we are, surely, a lot of other things. But we believe that if we had to choose one, we would be mostly color.

Vigar is color. Because Vigar is colorful.
Color is our signature, it goes in our DNA. It is part of the design and we carry quality through color all over the world. Because color is a universal language, color unites us, identifies us and makes our day happy.


So defending the color, we defend our colors.
And when we do that, we are defending our way of working, of understanding tradition, our relationship with our suppliers, with our employees, with our customers, even with our sales network.
We defend the joy, the design, the utility, the perfection, the demand. We defend everything that has brought us here.


For tastes colors. And for colors, Vigar.
What is your Vigar color? You may be a fan of our Dolls Collection. Or that you animate the day sweeping with our brooms Beso Bandera. Or maybe you are more moderate and betting on our basic lines or the latest news. Great, there is VIGAR for everyone. Because we have designs, products and styles that match your tastes, whatever they may be.


So we're going to spend the year fighting for your colors.
If your colors are quality, design and joy, you will have us fighting by your side. If your enemy is gray days and people, let's go for them. If you also believe that a house with joy is a better house, we are on your side. If you think that cleaning is everyone's business, let's fight together.

Let's fight for our colors. Because with Vigar, even a war, it's fun.