Today we want to talk about Oosouji, a Japanese tradition that will help us start 2018 on a very good footing.
This tradition is celebrated on December 28, on that day, the Japanese perform a thorough cleaning at home to get rid of everything they no longer need and thus receive the new year without burdens, free, clean physically and spiritually.
They consider that cleaning has a liberating sense and practicing Oosouji invites us to start the new year in a very positive way.

For all those who carry out this millenary practice every year, the fact of cleaning them brings a lot of benefits in their day to day.
Cleaning, ordering and throwing away what is not needed works as a catharsis. An orderly closet is an orderly mind and a clean table favors ideas and projects. And therefore, eliminate what you no longer use makes you loose unnecessary burdens.
An orderly and clean house directly influences our happiness and our mental state, because our environment is connected with us and our mind. Putting order in your external chaos serves to be happier in your life.

They say that knowledge does not take place, but unnecessary things do. We invite you to order, clean and throw away what you use us and in this way you can feel freer, without burdens and making room for all the wonderful things that are to come.
Happy ordered 2018!