The economical range of slides, in spite of being really practical, are usually developed with little care and with mixtures of materials that ultimately impoverish the final result and its durability, something very contradictory for the values that we have in Vigar.
The purpose of this reflection we make is the briefing itself: Create a dish rack with a level of finishing very careful, 100% useful and with a competitive price.

If we think of the average user who buys our products, and who will potentially use this product, he lives in a family unit of 2 to 4 people, a factor that determines the capacity and dimensions that we mark when making this product.

The main body of the dishwasher is developed in ABS, and includes a removable element to drain the cutlery and kitchen utensils. It also presents along the surface rigid structures that allow the placement of plates and other large elements with a lot of freedom, besides having on the sides a structure designed to drain glasses.

The lower pivots, or small support legs, have been developed in soft PVC as anti-slip element and the lower drain is adjustable, and can be closed with a simple twist.

All these benefits, plus carefully chosen colors, make this piece an element of unique design and essential for all kitchens.

Estudio Bambú is a design studio led by industrial designer Javier Moreno.
The studio is located in Alcoy (Alicante) in a modernist building, former bamboo smoking paper factory, and it has an interdisciplinary professional team and an extensive network of external collaborators.

Develops product projects for the home, furniture, lighting and technology for companies from around the world, having presence in 9 countries, in Europe, Asia and the USA.

Bambú focuses on innovation, comprehensive product management and work side by side with its customers, in order to bring maximum value added and consistency to each of their projects.
Since 2016, Bambú is part of the ADCV.