We premiered autumn-winter season with Nordic inspired designs, but also in traditional work painted with timeless, serene and warm colors. 

In VIGAR it is vital for our creation process to have a balance between civilization and nature, and our products reflect a way of life. This translates into a subtle game of shades of gray and pastel colors and soft textures with nice and basic shapes.

The main basis of our design study transcends in the will to eliminate all the superfluous elements and to conserve the essentials, although the simplicity of the lines and the colors is a challenge that is renewed each time.

A silicone coaster, a multifunctional sugar bowl with several compartments and a chromatic range adapted to the current trends. 

Terracotta, ash, high quality plastics and soft touch, elements that together create a relaxing, natural and cozy environment. Very in line with deco trends for this fall.

The new objects work together in the same collection or separately, and are designed to fill homes around the world with joy and serenity.