Halftime is a difficult time, we know, but with these tips we are going to try to make your life easier for cleanliness and order. Because changing the wardrobe not only means ordering your clothes, but it also becomes the perfect time to put order on our shelves.

Empty it all

Drawers, hangers, hangers ... Everything. This way you can thoroughly clean the inside of your closet before putting the clothes back on and you will better visualize all the clothes.

Do laundry

First clean the furniture and then your clothes. Be honest, choose those clothes that you have not used for a long time and that only take up space. If they are in good condition, donate them, and every time you go to make an impulse purchase think about the real use that you will be able to give the garment. The best thing for you and for the planet is to have a minimalist wardrobe with the right clothes.

Accessories and complements

We do not know what happens but no matter how much you put them on, accessories and accessories always end up getting messy. So we recommend spending some time on this as well and using cloth bags, boxes and hangers with compartments.


Destine each area of ​​your closet or your furniture to a different type of garment. That is, choose what will go on hangers, which will be folded and what to put in each drawer. So you can have it on hand and store it without the garment suffering. The most important thing is to find a balance in the placement of your things so that finding them is an easy task and above all you can maintain order on a day-to-day basis, which is when the task is complicated.