Our new collection of COMPACT folding stools, born in collaboration with the design agency Lúcid, distills a marked character based on innovation and practicality, to serve on a daily basis in a discreet manner in its functions and remarkable in its presence.

The COMPACT folding stools incorporate a series of improvements with respect to our previous folding stools, both from a technical and design point of view. On the one hand, they fold with a simple gesture pulling their central handles and folding is complete, being completely flat to save maximum space when storing. In addition, the same handles serve to carry it easily and effortlessly. On the other hand, most of the hinges are hidden thanks to an intelligent design of pure lines.

You will get where you want to go ...

Specially designed to access small heights of the house, they come in three different sizes, 23, 27 and 32 cm high and withstand a maximum weight of 150 kg. Each model is offered, in turn, in different solid colors and in fun prints on the base of the stool or on the front of the legs.

... and you will arrive safely.

As it could not be otherwise, safety is also a factor to be highlighted in the COMPACT stools and it contributes both the materials used in its manufacture and, once again, its design. The surface of the base is non-slip thanks to its intercalated texture, as well as the base of the legs, which incorporate rubber blocks for a better grip. Maximum stability and safety for use both indoors and outdoors.