After an extensive creative process, we have designed with the collaboration of Joan Rojeski Studio
a new product for the bathroom: a shower organizer.

This new design that we present, is a product different from the rest of the existing in the market.
So much for its vitality and its memory to the corals of the bottom of the sea, as for its organic forms.
These forms allow to accommodate boats and bottles of any size and, in addition, it has a silicone starfish,
Which is designed to accommodate razor blades in a more hygienic and safe way.

It is difficult to find a product of these characteristics with so much versatility in its placement in the bathroom.
Since it has three different modes of attachment: it can be hung from the tap with the handle, adhere it with the suction cups to the
Tiles or simply leave it on a smooth surface.
It also consists of a drainage system at the base, so that water, soap and other uncomfortable debris will not accumulate.
Its dimensions are 28.5 x 27 x 12 cm, perfect for any space inside your bathroom.
It is available in three colors.


Joan Rojeski Studio is an agency where product design, graphic design and web projects are developed.
Since its creation in 2010, many national and international companies have relied on this study, which stands out for its creative contribution to every project at hand. And it is that much of the success resides in its process of creation; An own method through which they achieve innovative solutions, and where they take care of every detail until achieving an optimal result for both their customers and the end user. In addition, they combine their design projects with consulting services in innovation and creativity for companies, teaching and active work in associations such as La Exprimidora and ADCV.