It's time to go out to the garden to play. Yes, because if taking care of a garden is good for your health, imagine how it will be for the little ones. It is not necessary to be an expert to reach the conclusion that a child will grow much healthier and happier playing between plants than living between four walls. 

Be happier than a child jumping in a puddle. 
Well, hey, you have to get dirty. You have to fall. You have to plant and above all, you have to share moments with them while we share our hobbie. 

Children can start from very young to lend a hand filling the pots, watering or just being by your side and learning how it is done.

Do you need a large garden to do it? No, your little urban garden can be a great place to start playing gardeners. And to enjoy its advantages: 


  • - They become aware of the cycle of life, they learn that everything is connected and that the function of insects and other animals is vital. 

  • - It is very good for your motor skills: the seeds, the handling of the tools, the care with the leaves, etc.

  • - They understand that plants are living beings and that their growth depends on them: they must water them, take care of them, pamper them.

  • - They learn where the fruits and vegetables we eat come from. And we can also eliminate some brakes so they do not make you sick about what foods.

  • - They understand that to collect it is necessary to sow. If you work, if you try, in the end you have some fruits. 

  • - And above all, you have a good time entertaining you (and for this alone it would be worth all the effort)


That is, from VIGAR we recommend that you take the idea out of your head that your garden is just your refuge and open the doors to the smallest of the house. You will share quality time, they will have a great time, you too, you will breathe fresh air and you will see how even the salads taste much better.

Are you going to play with us?