Summer is one of the times of the year when we like to enjoy the outdoors and especially at night, where we take advantage of pleasant and enjoyable evenings with our family and friends. In these cases, so when we want to cool down lying in a hammock, nothing better than doing it by the hand of a healthy and fun cocktail.

Do not know any drink that meets these characteristics and would like to know of any to surprise your guests this season?
Here are some very interesting, in addition to healthy and delicious, do not carry alcohol so they are suitable for all audiences.

Whisper of love
Very refreshing and healthy, prepared with lemon juice, mint leaves, fruit tea and strawberries.

Centre court 

One of the proposals that will dazzle those who come to an evening at home is this. It is a colorful cocktail that is prepared by putting in the blender a little liquid cream, strawberries, two teaspoons of ginger powder and a small spoonful of icing sugar. Once everything is well crushed, add soda and then crushed ice. The result is spectacular and very tasty.

Melon sip

No less tasty and appropriate for summer nights is this, which is prepared with a little cold tea, which will be added crushed melon and then add ice. Delicious!

Summer refrigerator
Singular and fun is the name of this drink that is made by mixing various fruits, milk, natural yogurt and a little sugar. Once everything is passed through the blender, a lot of ice will be added and a few slices of fruit will accompany it. No one can resist trying it.

So here you have these cocktails very easy to prepare and with natural flavors, fresh and really delicious.
Happy summer!