Hergo responds to all the needs that arise when washing dishes. Whether it is a pot with resistant residues or a porcelain dish, the Hergo dishwashing brushes offer different interchangeable heads that adapt to each material with the utmost care and effectiveness.

A single brush and multiple options to clean all types of surfaces and materials. Thanks to its interchangeable system, this dish brush can be turned into a metal scouring pad or a delicate brush to wash the glassware, simply by pressing the round button on the top.

The available spare parts are made of nylon fibers, a mixture of soft synthetic fibers and horse hair, a metal scouring pad or a fiber and sponge pad. A brush, a simple click and all the possibilities at your fingertips.

In addition, the brush comes in different colors, with an ergonomic rubber handle for a soft and comfortable grip.

The Hergo collection completes a scraper for glass ceramic and induction plate and a double-use sponge to clean and dry with the utmost care.