What, how do you stay? Well we do not say it, the CIS says in a report in which you can also find data such as that more than 60% of women perform alone or almost always alone the housework.

Only 36% of Spanish women who live with their partners are completely satisfied with the relationship within the home. Look, here you can read more about this report:

As you see, much remains to be done. Much progress has been made (luckily, ads are left behind in which she is the expert in stains, the one who cooks and the one who thanks the dishwasher for making her work easier) but it is not far , enough.

It's not about helping at home, no. It's about doing it because it's your house, your obligation. It's about understanding that this is not a matter of them to which they add when they have time. Because time is of both, time is sought and time is shared.

Inequalities are swept away. They are cleaned They scrub. They scratch with the scourer until they disappear.

We at Vigar want to add and we are moving forward. From inside and from outside.

From within, with measures that favor the reconciliation (of them and them), with an equal template in sexes, avoiding possible wage gaps and from the outside with the launch of unisex products, with male models at the same level as feminine in our catalogs and advertising material and with a critical spirit because surely we have made mistakes in this sense in the past that we will not commit again.

Societies change because the actors that make them cause those changes. Let's do it together.