Banquets, feasts and all kinds of gastronomic tributes have as an immediate result (in addition to the extra kilos) that our digestive system suffers, it costs us more to do the digestion, and may appear heartburn, gas, etc.

The most commonly used remedy are the infusions, since they are pleasant to drink, and the hot and aromatic drinks help us to tone the body and rehydrate.

Although infusions are already marketed for the effects we are looking for (digestive, detox, etc.), the most fond of the pleasure of a good infusion can prepare their own mixes and enjoy combining flavors.

If you want to help your body to return to its normal state and say goodbye to everything extra that you have left the nougat or the christmas cakes point out what are the perfect infusions to cleanse your body.

To favor digestion

The most commonly used mixtures are chamomile, mint and licorice, or chamomile, anise and licorice. Chamomile is suitable for slow and heavy digestions, and licorice facilitates intestinal transit. Adding mint or anise will depend on the preferences of each one.

Those who want to launch and experiment can combine new flavors with lesser known plants but also with great digestive properties.

Calendula: will help us to avoid the inflammation of the mucous membranes of the digestive system.

Yarrow: digestive and antispasmodic stimulant.

Marshmallow: anti-inflammatory, effective in gastritis, heartburn and constipation.

Fennel: for slow and heavy digestion, aerophagia and gastrointestinal spasms.

To detoxify the organism

These days we should not only think about facilitating digestion, but also to purify our body after so many excesses. Most of the detox infusions that we can find already prepared contain horsetail and / or dandelion, both stars of the purification and very diuretic. But if we want to pamper our liver and bile system a bit more, we can encourage ourselves to try other flavors:

Green nettle: it is known as a stinging plant, but it is also a large diuretic.

Rosemary: hepatic depurative, so beneficial that some call it "Spanish ginseng".

Frangula: its bark is used in infusions for its mild laxative action.

Burdock: the root of this plant helps to purify the kidney and activates the production of bile.

A hot cup on the desktop can become a valuable ally to alleviate excesses. The only limit is our palate.