Oh, yes, it's Friday. And to your mind a series of words are coming: sofa, blanket, popcorn, Netflix and series marathon. You do not want to see anyone, you do not want to meet anyone, you do not want to know anything about the outside world until Monday. Does it sound? If so, you should know two things:

        1. Yes, you are getting older.

        2. That not only is not bad, but it is also the latest fashion and it happens to more and more people.

This new and beneficial trend to stay at home and not leave it during these two days has a name, "Nesting".

From the English "nest", which means nest, the "Nesting" is just another way of naming the sofamanting of all life. This concept has its origin in "Cocooning" ("Cocoon", chrysalis in English), a trend that began in North America in the 1980s, when a large part of the population began to isolate itself, to reject social contact and to allocate your money to condition your homes as a new form of leisure.

Our current hectic pace of life leads us, sometimes, to this same need to have to isolate ourselves in order to recover from the busy day-to-day agenda. In response to this arises the Nesting.

This movement invites us to take shelter in the intimacy of our home during our free time with the aim of enjoying small pleasures: from the famous "me time" (time spent for oneself), to practicing domestic "hobbies" such as pastry, gardening or reading.

All this in order to help us fight that frantic routine we find during the week every time we go out the door of our house.

Benefits of Nesting

The experts who promote the word, affirm that it is the best formula to stop this oppressive rhythm of life, since if you practice it will provide you with a great series of therapeutic benefits:

- Calms the anxiety of the day to day.

- It allows us to bet on a less stressful lifestyle.

- It allows us to really charge the batteries.

- It makes it possible for us to spend quality time with our family.

- Encourage us to enjoy the things we already have.

- It stimulates our imagination to entertain us with what we have within reach.

- It promotes mental tranquility and inner peace.

- Stimulate rest.

- Economic saving (possibly, the true reason of being of nesting).

Excuse to redecorate our house

One of the most important points of this trend is to create a space that provides peace and calm to be able to disconnect from outside. If we are going to spend two days inside the house, it is better to be in an attractive, warm, and welcoming environment.

Nesting seeks that the home and its elements are functional, but also that they are comfortable, comforting and with a pleasant design. On the other hand, the good lighting and the presence of bright colors will also contribute to give us an extra dose of energy.

In short: the expression "home, sweet home" has never made as much sense as it does now. And as my grandmother used to say, "like at home, nowhere".

So we invite you to redecorate your nest so you can do the lazy (or nesting) in the best possible conditions. And now we let you know what the sofa is calling us.

Good weekend!