At a national level, we have large signings within our client portfolio, such as the current Factor Pro chain, specialized in the hardware sector, specialists in large-scale distribution such as the Montserrat supermarkets, Unialco of the Uvesco group, the Supersol chain, Hiber, E-Leclerc and the supermarkets Plaza of the Community of Madrid.

After a commercial mission carried out in the Canary Islands during the month of January, we were able to introduce our products within the Ideal Bricolaje and Fraper chain. Both surfaces with relevant repercussion within the Canarian market.

Finally, it is also worth mentioning the introduction of our stationery collection in the distributor Rivero, one of the leading distributors in the sector.


At international level, during this first quarter, we have introduced our products in new countries, being present in Belarus or Cuba, the latter focused on the purchase of raw material for the production of products from the sector.

We continue to develop new commercial strategies in order to reach our goal and cover as much market share as possible.

Great efforts to get great rewards.