"It's about surrounding yourself with what makes you happy and makes you feel good." This is what Marie Kondo, the Japanese fashion guru of the domestic order, says. 

She says that if you like to accumulate and you have trouble getting rid of things, choose to throw away what you do not need, and you will end up living in a house surrounded by the things you really like.

And that is the key to his theory and his books, the super sales of Kondo: to stay with what really makes us happy. But how do we get to this point? The KonMari method is based on two major principles: first, we must review everything we have and ask ourselves if these objects make us happy, and if this is not the case, we have to thank them for the service they have done and get rid of them. Once we stay with what really fills us, we look for a visible and accessible place to everything, only then, says Kondo, we will have reached the nirvana of order, and we will not have to do the great cleaning again.

Part of what makes his method unusually practical is that instead of ordering room by room, he recommends doing it by categories: first all the clothes, then all the books and documents. Then it's time to order various things and leave the most difficult for the end: the photos and the memories. In this way our house becomes a place where there are no unnecessary things, and according to Kondo, "our thoughts become clear again". This is where the oriental fengshui philosophy comes in, which finds balance and harmony in what surrounds us.

As you organize your home, you reorder as a person, you become aware of the amount of material things that you have that do not serve you and that occupy a space. In getting rid of them, you will feel lighter. In this sense Marie Kondo ensures that we can only readjust our lives and start a new style once we have got rid of what does not inspire us with joy.

But let's face it ... How many people can carry out this strict order?

If your socks live loose and you have an infinite illusion when you find your partner or, failing that, some similar in dimensions, appearance or materials. That too is happiness!

And although you do not believe it, we are many like you, so, Marie Kondo and her theory (and practice) can be very good, but life is to enjoy it not to go thanking a pair of socks.