In the last chapter of Vigarizados, our friend Sergi commented that the Vigar products were perfect to give through theSecret Santa. Because he, our Secret Santa, is the best representative for these dates because he is the most rational and human being. Neither Santa Claus nor the Three Wise Men are our best allies at this time, but our Secret Santa never fails us.

Maybe it's because the lord in red, coming from such a distance, does not know of our existence, nor that the snow can be removed with a broom.

And those from the East, by spending the day looking at the sky following a golden star, have not discovered that down on earth, there are endless colorful Vigar products.

Therefore, after deeply analyzing these cases, we have realized that our best ally in these dates is always the unpredictable Secret Santa.

He is the one who always remembers us when it comes to making a gift, whether big or small, fun or useful, colorful or more neutral. But always, always, always, think of us to give your co-worker, the gym buddy or the second cousin you only see at Christmas.

That friend who gives you gifts because he does, who thinks about what you will like more and who does the impossible to get a smile unexpectedly with your detail.

He gathers all the values ​​of VIGAR and we want to own all of his, because magic, expectation and fantasy we love and more in these dates.

Merry Christmas to all!