And in summer it seems that everything is better, you see things with more optimism.
Yes, it's true that having a vacation helps, but it's not just that. The long days and the warmth invite you to do things that at other times of the year you do not want so much: to spend long moments on the terrace, take off your shoes, squeeze the afternoons doing a thousand and one things, meet with anyone to go and drink beers at any beach bar ...

Gone are the days of blanket and sofa, of long seriéfilas sessions and of chocolate with churros. It's time for flip flops and towel, watermelon, sun, salt, sand. And also of mosquitoes and jellyfish, we will not deny it. But, hey, that's part of the deal. And the treatment that we propose is that you enjoy it to the fullest, that you forget all the headaches and that you load the batteries to face the new challenges that are to come.


Happy summer!