In Vigar we are concerned about the environment, we understand the need to find new ways of production that are more sustainable and that help to improve the impact with the environment, that is why in the last months we have started to work with new materials that have a place with the new environmental trend.


Currently we use recyclable plastics, which can be recycled, and recycled, that come from a stage of use and that are incorporated back into the chain of use, in most of our products, action that helps reduce the consumption of plastic in our planet. In this way we have stopped using mostly toxic materials to be replaced by others more friendly to the environment and in this way can be recycled and reused at the end of its useful life. We have introduced ourselves in the technique of production with biobased plastic, coming in part from vegetable matter. We have also started to introduce bamboo wood into our garden collections by replacing the current metal handles with handles from more natural materials such as wood.


The tendency is to combine natural products to a greater extent with current conventional materials in order to achieve a balance that convinces both our consumers and the current problems of the real need to take care of the environment.


In Vigar we continue working intensively to reach a more sustainable balance in each and every one of our areas.