Many people, both customers, distributors and street people, ask us where our name comes from.

VIGAR is nothing more than the union of the name and surname of the father of the current owners of the company. Vicente García, VI-GAR.

Back in the 60s, Vicente García, better known as Vicentico, began to elaborate in an artisanal way, in the basement of a house in a small town in Alicante called Jesús Pobre, palm brooms.
They were made by hand, with products collected from around the town and with local or regional use.
Over time, the business was thriving, and in the 70s it was renamed Cepillos VIGAR, the king of cleanliness, starting to be more recognized by the area.

Over the years, the small company was growing, and in 1982, it was established as, CASA VIGAR, which is how we are currently known.

Sometimes, it does not need to think about big names, marketing inventions or unpronounceable words to have a good business naming.
VIGAR was chosen because it sounded good, it was simple, and at that time, in those days, a laborious name was not essential. It was simply what was needed.
And over the years, we are very proud to call us as we call ourselves, because our roots are our base, and without them, we are nothing.