In VIGAR we like green, that's what you already knew, so today, we're going to talk about different places, products, ideas and lifestyles based on what this color, and the whole world of natural life, represents.

Vertical garden
Color the walls of your house with natural paintings. Translucent methacrylate, wood, iron ... You can buy one already made or do it yourself. Imagination to the power!

For the most kitchens 
Always have oregano, basil or parsley on hand with these hanging pots. Your aromatics closer than ever.

From door to door
If you also want to point to the slow food movement, bet on seasonal fruits and vegetables that you can buy with a single click on several web pages. Fair trade, direct from the producer and of the highest quality.

Join the guerrilla 
Make the "vandal" and repopulate any vacant land with hand grenades, made from organic fertilizer, plant seeds, tea bags and recycled paper. They are the bomb!

A garden with views
Richard Farnabe, the chef in charge of the kitchen of the Grand Hotel in New York, has converted the roof of this legendary downtown establishment into an orchard and uses cilantro and parsley to lettuce.

Your urban garden look 
Even if you have to work the land, do not neglect your styling and get the most suitable outfit for the moment. You will be super cool!

Green reading 
"Go back to nature with attitude and style"
, this is the proposal of My Green City, an interesting book that analyzes the green phenomenon in the city.