One more year comes the beloved / hated Halloween, a party increasingly rooted in the European continent, and we have thought of helping you choose the star complement to accompany your attire, the broom.

If you are the snob of friends, who values style and class, we have the ideal broom for you, the one we have created together with AGATHA RUIZ DE LA PRADA. Design, elegance and presume to carry a complement signed by one of the best known designers of our country.

If you are calm, you like zen and you are a moderate person in search of the perfect balance, our BAMBOO that will accompany you wherever you go. Perfect to go disguised as scarecrow !.


Do you love free love? If so, the BESO BANDERA broom, one of our emblematic brooms is perfect for you. Who cares what I do, who cares what I say (and you know how the song continues). ;)

They say that you are the most fun of the group, the soul of the party and the one who does not miss a sarao? Well you will succeed in a big way and your friends will be fascinated if you disguise yourself as a grumpy enanit @ and walk around your city with friendly LADYBUG. Guaranteed fun!

Going out as a family on Halloween is your plan, and to give color to your costume as a group, the best ally is the CITRIC broom, suitable for all audiences and willing to go door to door picking trinkets.

If you like the Mexican style, you want to disguise yourself as Catrina or any other person from the day of the dead of Mexico, what better than joining with a FRIDA broom and singing through the streets singing La Llorona like an authentic mariachi.

And after all our advice, now it's time to throw imagination and accompany each of our brooms with your favorite costume and enjoy a unique night.

Happy Halloween!