Last Friday, March 15, we signed an agreement with Surfrider Spain to collaborate with them in plastic collection projects in the Mediterranean Sea. For this we will donate part of the profits of our sales to help in this cause.

Surfrider Foundation Europe is an international organization dedicated to the protection and enhancement of the oceans, waves and coastline with almost more than 30 years of experience and is currently located in more than 14 European countries.

The objectives of this organization are to raise awareness of the problem of marine litter, encourage the use of good habits in order to curb the environmental impact and encourage the approach of citizens to the analysis of scientific data to better understand the origin and purpose of said actions.

We are delighted to be part of this interesting initiative and we hope we can help to achieve cleaner and cleaner seas.

Join us and participate by donating 1 € of your purchase through our online store in all campaigns adhered to the #lovemediterraneo movement.

We like to take care of the Mediterranean, and you?