We were not going to be less and we want to support this cause that is echoing in all parts of our planet.

The broom was our first product and it was not going to be the last to be our emblem within Vigar's sustainable products. It is important to mention that 10.16% of the bristles of all our brooms and brushes comes from recycled material, PET, which according to ong as Greenpeace is the resin with the best characteristics for recycling.

We are aware that plastic is the planet's great enemy, that's why 25.16% of our products are recyclable.

We bet intensely on the value of sustainability and therefore also 80% of the packaging of our products comes from recycled material and 100% is recyclable.

Every day we work to be more respectful with the environment and put our little grain of sand to make this world a better place to live.