The problem of plastic is a global problem that concerns us all. In just over 50 years the use of plastic in all areas of our life has increased exponentially and all industries use it to create their products: from the automotive sector to the textile industry, construction and of course, packaging of food from supermarkets.

These materials, on many occasions, have a very short life, but they take hundreds of years to degrade and end up contaminating the environment. Scientists are striving to find a solution to the problem. From the invention of new biodegradable materials that replace plastic to get enzymes and organisms that "eat" the plastic. However, there is still a long way to go in the fight against plastic. And how could it be otherwise, in VIGAR we have also begun to contribute our bit in this global struggle.

Because of that, we have joined Surfrider España to help keep our beloved Mediterranean cleaner, and contribute to cleaning it. To do this, we have jointly collected marine garbage in the beach of Valencia, and collaborated in different actions and campaigns.

And now it's up to you, to help us in this cause, and contribute with our #lovemediterraneo campaign with which we will donate € 1 of all your purchases made in rebates to this NGO and thus continue the struggle to keep the Mediterranean as beautiful as it deserves.

Go for it!