We have been presenting a new chapter of Vigarizados every friday, the fun campaign we have created with the aim of making you participants of the surprise and entertainment that revolves around our products.

For now we have introduced you to Marcos and Sara, our little great artists, with the nice Moo dishwasher brush. Then we have Bea and Niahm, two mothers very involved with the day to day of the children of the house who explain it in a very funny way through our funnel game Flower Power. We continue with Yan and Emilio with our most international version and our most real bolis. The next installment is the chapter of Nuria and Alicia, different personalities against the wine set with a lot of play, and finally, Luis and Pablo, who debate from their two points of view about the Dolls office duster.

5 different couples that tell 5 completely different stories. As our most vigilant followers tell us, there are still many stories to tell through Vigar, but above all there are many stories to tell in the day to day of each of the houses that rely on Vigar products.

This week will be the last installment of the saga, we hope you continue to enjoy these little stories and above all that you have fun with both the Vigar products and our protagonists, either on our improvised set, or in your homes.

Welcome to the universe Vigar ... VIGARIZAROS!

*You can see all the chapters in VIGAR ONLINE