Last June, at the doors of summer, we held a fun workshop to present the new Green collection.

The chosen place was Natura Garden, a garden center in Dénia (Alicante), which was perfectly adapted to the spirit of the line.

The master of ceremonies for the event was Vicent of the company Fertiveria, specialist in maintenance of plants, irrigation and fertilizers, and the participants, a cozy group loving urban gardening and healthy life that helped with great effort to make the day out of the most entertaining and fun.

The workshop was a success, attended by 25 people covering the capacity initially proposed for this event and the reactions of all the attendees were positive and above all very collaborative. 

In Vigar we know the current need to take care of our diet and our healthy habits and for that reason we decided to create a workshop focused on the initiation of the creation of an urban garden in your home.
In a sustainable, economic and practical way, we made the action a good option to get the most out of the green areas of your home. 

As a final icing on that event we have prepared the video that we show you that compiles the best moments that we could live during the workshop.  

Life is green, green is life.