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Agatha Ruiz de la Prada 4 pieces cleaning set
REF: 8208

The shapes and the color stars in the collection created by the
Designer Agatha Ruiz de la Prada & Vigar.

Set of magenta color composed by:

Microfibre mop with handle.
Suitable for all types of floors, long lasting, does not shrink or deform.
Wash in washing machine with neutral PH detergent. Do not use dryer.
Measures mop with stick: 10x148 cm.

Bucket with squeegee.
Capacity 12 L.
Cube with a practical hook to hold the mop.
In the base has a small hole to be able to empty it
Comfortably and effortlessly.
Measures: 37,5x27x28 cm.

Broom with handle and hand dustpan.
With a light and handy design, it incorporates an anchored hand shovel,
And a novel oval stick of pleasant touch.
Measures broom with stick and hand shovel 27.5x5.5x131.5 cm.

Dustpan with handle.
Great capacity.
It has an exclusive anchorage system to hold the broom.
Measures 25x24x80.5 cm.