Our mission is to design and create practical products which delight the customer and communicate optimism in the home and in the lives of users.

We are internationally recognized by clients and consumers as a leading brand and a point of reference in the design and creation of utensils and objects for daily use in the home. These are useful and practical products, while at the same time being entertaining and different which delight and communicate optimism to the user.

We have 60 years of experience in innovation and a track record wherein we not only evolved in doing what we do to improve the quality and functionality of our products, but we have also transformed our marketplace, morphing bland utensils into colourful, entertaining, surprising and unconventional objects which convert everyday moments into unique positive and agreeable experiences.


Our products are born and grow in VIGAR. From the first sketches of its design to the final packaging, going through the molds, prototypes, testing phase ...

The different specialized departments carry out an exhaustive control of each phase, detecting possible setbacks and correcting them as soon as possible, in order to arrive in perfect conditions to mass production. .

All this allows us, in addition, to adapt to the needs and demands of our clients and to be able to create color charts and exclusive prints with their personalized labeling.

Only with the control of the entire production process can we guarantee the highest quality and guarantee. Only then can we be VIGAR


At Vigar we want to do more. That is why we use design as the starting point to combine functionality with an engaging design of the product to differentiate our products in the marketplace while refining our identity and personality. We work with our clients to anticipate and exceed your needs providing feasible and affordable solutions.


The majority of our designs are created by our internal product design and development team while collaborating with external designers and professionals.

We have three geographical manufacturing and logistical centers (Spain, China and Peru) where we have our own and personalized molding sections, injection, fibers, textile manufacture and printing. We also avail of four distribution points around the world, specifically in Spain, CHINA, Peru and the USA.


EXPERIENCE 60 years as manufacturers

UNIQUE, RECOGNIZABLE PRODUCTS with exclusive designs

STRONG BRAND IMAGE style and quality/positioning recognized on the market

INTERNATIONAL PRESENCE we are in over 40 countries

PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT We put passion into what we do